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Bathing areas

Bathing areas

Being a protected area, Banyoles Lake has 3 defined bathing areas:

A natural area at the north-eastern part of Banyoles Lake.
Acces: the bathing area is accessed from the path that circles the Lake. You can reach it either on foot or by bike. The nearest place to park your car is at La Draga Park.

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Bathing season: June to mid-September
Times: (according to month and season)
Price: free

Sports facilities with a variety of services such as the Lake bathing area, indoor and outdoor swimming pools (covered in winter), gym, dressing rooms, etc.
Acces: passeig Antoni Gaudí, 3 (Banyoles)

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Bathing season: mid-June to mid-September
Times: 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening


- Club members: free

- Non-members: €11 all day, €5.80 from 4 pm on, €4.10 from 8 pm on

For further information contact:
Club Natació Banyoles

Passeig Antoni Gaudí, 3
17820 Banyoles
Telephone: (+34) 972 57 08 59

Bar with a terrace on the Lake which has an area for swimming.
Acces: passeig Lluís Marià Vidal, 1 (Banyoles)

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Bathing season: July and August
Times: 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening
Price: obligatory minimum consumption

For further information contact:
Banys Vells Banyoles
Passeig Lluís Marià Vidal, 1
17820 Banyoles

Telephone: (+34) 872 26 03 71 / 683 30 37 31






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