When in Banyoles, practise sport

Beyond the rich local sports tradition, it is no secret that many come to Banyoles from other places to practise some kind of sport, whether as professionals or amateurs. From world rowing championships to the popular cross-lake swim or the International MTB Catalan Cup, each year the town hosts over 50 sports events, in addition to a multitude of training camps, which attract large numbers of sportspeople, some of whom like our town so much that they end up living here. And we’re not just talking about the Lake, rated by the World Rowing Federation as the best rowing course in the world, but also the town’s sports and natural amenities, which offer exceptional facilities for training in disciplines such as triathlon, MTB or running.

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  1. Esther Guerrero training on the banks of the Lake.
  2. Banyoles Lake has a swimming lane enabled for training.
  3. International Catalan Mountain Bike Cup.
Each year, the town hosts over 50 sports events and numerous training camps.
Before and after the 1992 Olympic Games

It is probably no exaggeration to say that the participation of Banyoles as subvenue for rowing in the 1992 Olympic Games was one of the most decisive moments of the town’s history in the last few centuries. With more than 600 rowers and 1,200 volunteers, the Games not only put Banyoles on the world rowing map but also brought about the town’s total transformation. Not only did they consolidate the Lake racing course and the sports facilities; in preparation for the Games, the Lake environment was restored and the new infrastructures included the Olympic Village, La Draga Park and Pavilion, the Plaça de les Rodes, the Municipal Theatre, as well as road improvements.

Rowers training on the Lake of Banyoles
The obsession for cycling

How have the people of Banyoles become such fans of cycling? Everywhere you go, you’ll see people of all ages riding bikes, both for daily commuting and errands and for more demanding outings. The generalised use of bicycles is a direct consequence of the creation of cycle lanes and green paths that connect neighbourhoods and adjoining municipalities. The growing popularity of cycle tourism has also been a contributing factor, drawn by the large quantities of quiet roads, the mild climate, and the challenging gradients of the nearby mountains. Among the latter is the imposing Rocacorba, an excellent location for training that is very popular among professional cyclists.

Everywhere you go, you’ll see people of all ages riding bikes.
Many citizens of Banyoles use bicycles as their routine means of transport.
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