Banyoles has an extensive catalogue of locations within the municipality for shooting films, reports or photo sessions.

The Town Council’s Environment Area acts as an interface between the producers and/or companies that wish to film in the town and the municipal departments that manage the spaces owned by the Town Council. It also facilitates processing of the documentation required to obtain the permits, pay fees, etc.

Banyoles Town Council - Environment Area
Tel. (0034) 972 570 050

How to apply for a film shooting permit in Banyoles

To obtain the film shooting permit in Banyoles, you must upload your aplication to the Town Council’s entry log on the website with the following data:

  • The applicant’s data, both whether it is a natural person or a legal person.
  • Details of the activity to be performed: date, proposed territorial scope, timetable, approximate number of participants, and what the shooting will consist of (storyboard or description). 
  • Specific shooting needs.
  • Civil Liability Policy and receipt of payment of the premium.

And if necessary, depending on the shooting:

  • An undertaking to cover medical assistance services, with identification and acceptance by the party concerned, to be signed by applicant.
  • An undertaking by the organisers to remove the structures and infrastructures immediately after completing the activity and an undertaking to clean and restore the location to its original condition. 
  • Other specific documents that may be required, depending on the features of the shooting.
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