The Rec Major
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 1. The Rec Major, a channel used by industry

This channel was the site of most of the town’s factories and mills, where a wide variety of products were manufactured, such as woolen cloths, paper, flour, hides and even gunpowder. Over time, depending on the stretches of channel, the Rec Major has been named differently: rec del Canar Nou, de la Vila Nova, de sa Forca, dels Molins, dels Tints, Riera Nova...


The water, a source of argument

Dominance of the Lake water often provoked tension between the Sant Esteve monastery and the Banyoles University, the municipal government existing since the Middle Ages. In the late 18th century, both of these claimed ownership, and royal arbitration was sought to put an end to the conflict, which ended with ownership going to the crown itself. Nevertheless, the crown rented it permanently to the abbot, who in turn sub-let it to the University. In 1685, this arbitration resulted in the signing of the Lake Waters Concord, a document which established the bases for making the Lake water the common asset it is today.


Did you know that....

the total length of the Banyoles channel network, with its branches and rivulets, is 33 km? This is the same distance as that connecting Banyoles with Cassà de la Selva by road.  

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