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Can Quim del Rec

Can Quim del Rec is a former farmhouse located in the area called El Canat Nou, which has given the street it is on its present name, Carrer del Canat. When it was built, between the 17th and 18th centuries, it seems that it was the only building in the area and was surrounded by vegetable gardens and fields that used the water from the Rec Major, which passes under the building, covered by a stone vault. 

It was not until the 19th century that houses started to be built in this part of the town, mainly workers’ houses (day labourers, farm workers, cart drivers...) and the odd factory. There is also a mention of a travertine quarry at the site occupied by the old football pitch.

The building consists of a ground floor, first floor and loft. The evidence indicates that originally the water moved the paddle wheel of a mill, which has not been preserved. The building’s name comes from one of its former tenants, Joaquim Caulas, also known as Quim del Rec. 

> Water and leisure
The Lake was not the only place that the citizens of Banyoles went to for leisure and fun; people also cooled down in the canals. With the wooden footbridge (no longer existing) beside Can Quim del Rec, this place soon became a favourite spot for bathing. Further on, on the other side of Carrer Canat, there was the so-called Bany de les Dones, where the local women enjoyed the cool water without prying from inquisitive eyes and passers-by.


Location: Carrer Canat

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