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The Rec Major

This itinerary follows the Rec Major from the Lake to the centre of Banyoles, showing us the town’s industrial development, which has always been closely tied to the presence of water.

Considered to be an industrial canal, most of the towns waterwheels and mills were located on the Rec Major, where a wide variety of products were manufactured, such as woollen cloths, paper, flour, animal hides and even gunpowder! Over the years, different parts of the Rec Major have been given different names: Rec del Canar Nou, Rec de sa Forca, Rec dels Molins, Rec dels Tints...

A walk through the town’s trades and mills

The route passes by old industrial buildings that tell us of the origins of the town and its trades and guilds, but also of the importance of water, the presence of the Lake and its ecosystem. Eleven points of interest are highlighted that have played or still play a significant role in the town’s history, and which have panels with detailed information about each place.

The route can also be done with a guide once a month and includes seeing inside some of these industrial buildings. For information and bookings: Archaeological Museum of Banyoles, (0034) 972 572 361; comunicaciomuseus@ajbanyoles.org

11 points of interest

1. The Rec Major
2. The Límit of the Lake
3. Can Quim del Rec
4. The Mill of the Square
5. The Wool-workers' Mill
6. The Dyeing House
7. The Can Pujol sluice
8. Cal Nocaire
9. The Mill of Baqué
10. The Mill of Forgas
11. The Cooper Foundry



  • 1 hour and 30 minutes (short itinerary), 3 hours (long itinerary)
  • 42°06'58.6"N 2°45'09
  • 1.5 km
  • Medium
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