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The Copper Foundry-Paper Mill

The Foundry (Farga) is a rectangular industrial building with a two-sided ridge roof, located above the course of the Rec Major, in the southern part of Banyoles. It was built with slabs and trimmed blocks made of travertine stone.

Originally, it was a copper foundry (Farga d’aram). It is mentioned in a document dated 1685 and it probably attained maximum output during the 18th century, when it had three or four hammers.

The paper mill also takes its name from the Escatllar family, who originally came from Besalú where they had a paper factory. In 1897, this family took ownership of the foundry. From then on, the building was re-equipped to make paper, although both activities coexisted until it closed in the mid-20th century. Paper mill wheels were installed and a third and fourth floors were built to house drying rooms. This is the reason for the combination of travertine and bricks.

In 1983, the building was ceded to the Town Council of Banyoles and the ground floor was refurbished to enable paper manufacture using craft methods. 

At present, use of this paper mill, the only one operating in the province of Girona, is managed by the organisation Sastres Paperers. Here, paper is made using only traditional methods, and dissemination and educational activities and workshops are organised for individuals, schools and/or groups.

For more information, contact
Sastres Paperers SC
Ed. La Farga d’Aram / Molí Escatllar
Carrer Concòrdia de les Aigües de l’Estany, 1
17820 Banyoles
Telephone: (0034) 653 447 147

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 3 pm 
Special times can be arranged for private visits and groups.

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