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Medieval walls

A single stretch about 80 metres long of the old walls that protected the town from the 13th to the 15th centuries still remains. 

Few people know the history of the walls. Construction of the walls started in the 13th century and they were finally demolished in the 19th century, when they became an obstacle to the town’s urban growth. In 2006, the town restored the fragment that can now be visited.

This stretch runs parallel to Carrer Muralla. Its most interesting features are the two hexagonal, Gothic-inspired gazebos with small trefoil arches made of travertine and domes crowned with seven pinnacles. Built on travertine subsoil, it consists of fairly well-squared blocks of Banyoles stone.

A raised section extends outwards from the wall, with the walkway of Can Lavall running along the top. The central gate has a monolithic lintel and a lowered false arch made of bricks.

Construction of the walls that would encircle the Town of Banyoles began in 1209 and would continue during the rest of the 13th century. The walls were probably not completed until the 15th century.

An open grass-laid area was added to the restored fragment of wall. Measuring 2,574 m2, it includes a children’s playground and, during the year, it hosts a variety of events, such as the (a)phònica voice festival and the medieval and fantasy fair Aloja. 

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