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If you’re coming to spend a hot summer day in Banyoles, bring your swimsuit and enjoy a dip in the Estany! But take note! The Estany de Banyoles is a protected natural area and bathing is restricted to three spots, all on the east bank of the Estany: the Caseta de Fusta, open to the public free of charge and with a lifeguard onsite; the Banys Vells, a bar and terrace that also offers the possibility of bathing, and the Club Natació Banyoles, which sells tickets that allow entrance to non-members.

And if what you want to do is swim across the lake, you can take part in the Travessia de l’Estany (Cross-Lake Race), held every September when hundreds of swimmers cross the full length of the Lake, 2,115 m. With such illustrious winners as Mireia Belmonte, this competition celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2018, with 2,700 entrants.



La Caseta de Fusta
A natural area in the north-east part of the Estany. 
Access: access is via the path that circuits the lake. And you can get there by foot or on bicycle. The closest car park where you can leave the car is at Parc de la Daga. 
Bathing season: from June to mid-September 
Opening hours: check the timetables for the 2024 season
Price: free


Club Natació Banyoles
Sports facilities with a number of services, such as a bathing area in the Estany, indoor and outdoor swimming pool (in winter, the outdoor swimming pool is covered), gym and changing rooms. 
Access: Passeig Antoni Gaudí, 3 
Bathing season: from mid-June to mid-September 
Opening hours: from 9 am to 9 pm 
For more information, contact:
Club Natació Banyoles - Tel.:
(0034) 972 570 859
www.cnbanyoles.cat - secretaria@cnbanyoles.cat


Banys Vells
Bar with terrace on the Estany that has an area authorised for bathing. 
Access: passeig Lluís Marià Vidal, 1 
Bathing season: July and August 
Opening hours: from 10 am to 8 pm 
For more information, contact:
Banys Vells Banyoles - Tel.:
(0034) 872 260 371 / (0034) 683 303 731 
www.banysvellsdebanyoles.com - reservas@banysvellsdebanyoles.com

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