Pesqueres (Fisheries)


The pesqueres are small buildings in the water of the Lake on the east bank and have been declared an Asset of National Cultural Interest (in the category of Historic Garden) by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

There are a total of 20 pesqueres, each with its own name.

They were built between the mid-19th century and 1939, and during that time they were renovated and adapted.

The initial function of the pesqueres was to store fishing equipment. Later, many of them were extended so that they could house a boat. Finally, with the arrival of sports activities and the rise of the Banyoles bourgeoisie, they were adapted for bathing and even as accommodation.

Most of the 20 pesqueres are for private use (administrative concession). The only one accessible is pesquera number 10, used as the Lake’s Tourist Office.


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