Llotja del Tint (Dye market)

The Llotja del Tint is the only preserved dye building in Catalonia.

It is a civil Gothic building of the XVth century intended for the dyeing of clothes or woolen fabrics that were manufactured in Banyoles.

It has two naves separated by four large pointed arches. These support the wooden plot, originally with a roof on two sides. The mezzanine, the current second floor, has ridge vaults and is accessed by a slab vaulted staircase.

Originally, it was used to dye woolen clothes or fabrics that were made in the city of Banyoles. The high height of the building is due to the fact that in the dyeing process, insane vapors were produced that were tried to avoid with the height. The fabrics, once dyed, were hung under the roof to make the first drying. The water used in this pre-industrial process came from the Rec Major.

After falling into disuse for many years, in 1971 Banyoles City Council recovered the building in order to prevent its destruction.


For information and visits, contact to the Archeological Museum: 


Museu Arqueològic
Plaça de la Font, 11
17820 Banyoles
Tel. (+34) 972 57 23 61


Location of Llotja del Tint



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