The Rec Major Route

Banyoles has always depended on the water of the Lake and its channels. The first of these were built from the 19th century onwards to store the water of the Sant Esteve monastery, drain the swamped areas and create new farming land. Today, five channels remain which run into the city: those of Ca n’Hort, d'en Teixidor, Figuera d’en Xo, Guèmol and the Rec Major. They are simple channels, dug directly into the subsoil and completed with travertine and mortar walls. Thanks to the force of the water that ran through the channels, Banyoles very soon had a prosperous industrial scene.

At present, Banyoles still has five canals that go into the interior of the town: the Teixidor irrigation canal, the Ca n'Hort irrigation canal, the Figuera d'en Xo irrigation canal, the Guèmol irrigation canal and the main , which will accompany us throughout the route, the Rec Major.


> Characteristics
linear path with possibility of extension.

> Technical information 

  Short route    Long route
  Time: 1 hour    Time: 1 hour
  Km: 1    Km: 2,2
  Difficulty: low

   Difficulty: low


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Km: 1.500

Difficulty: low

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