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Sports facilities

Banyoles and the Pla de l’Estany region have a large number of sports facilities and infrastructures.

We offer world-class sports facilities with all the complementary services and safety guarantees that sports practitioners need. And also specialised sports products with personalised training and activities.

There are several multi-sport fields, tennis courts, football pitches, road and MTB cycling routes, waymarked hiking routes and one of the best courses in Europe for rowing and canoeing, among others.


Information and booking sports facilities:

Ajuntament de Banyoles - Àrea d'Esports (Banyoles Town Council - Sports Area)
Tel. (0034) 972 58 18 48

Consell Esportiu del Pla de l'Estany (Pla de l’Estany Sports Council)
Tel. (0034) 972 58 13 44

Càtedra d'Esports i Educació Fisica - Centre d'Estudis Olímpics de la Universitat de Girona (University of Girona Sport and Physical Education Chair - Centre of Olympic Studies)
Tel. (0034) 972 57 64 93 / (0034) 972 41 83 32

Club Natació Banyoles
Tel. (0034) 972 57 08 59

Consorci Esportiu de l'Estany de Banyoles (Lake of Banyoles Sports Consortium)
Tel. (0034) 972 57 68 46

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