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La Draga Neolithic Park

The Neolithic settlement of La Draga was discovered in 1990. Located in La Draga Park, in the north-east part of the Lake, the excavations carried out so far have dated its existence to about 7,200 years ago (mid-late 6th millennium BC). 

It is one of the first lacustrine Neolithic settlements in Europe (5300-5000 BC). Numerous wooden objects and hundreds of columns that raised their huts above the ground have been found there. An exceptional find in the Iberian Peninsula, they have been preserved, together with other objects made of bone, stone, pottery, animals and plants, thanks to their location.

Since 2000, it is possible to visit reproductions of their huts and discover how people lived in the Neolithic period. Visitors can experience first-hand how life was in the Neolithic, how they grew and prepared cereals and leguminous crops, and the activities that formed part of their daily lives (cutting flint, making fire, grinding grain by hand...). 

A granary and two huts, reproduced at full scale, show the houses and other structures built by the settlement’s inhabitants. Inside, there are reproductions of objects and tools that formed part of their material culture. The Park also organises guided tours, workshops and demonstrations both for schools and the general public to explain how these early farmers lived. 

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