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Flower Show. June

Ever since the 1970s, Banyoles has an annual appointment with flowers during the month of June. 

For one weekend, a number of emblematic locations in the town are filled with flower displays, with their starting point at the cloister of the monastery of Sant Esteve. 

The Flower Show is an example of a collaborative project which involves a large part of the inhabitants of Banyoles and the region. Schools and learning centres, a score of local artists, local shops through the Banyoles Association of Commerce and Tourism, the Guerrilleres del Ganxet (Crochet Guerrillas) group, the students from the Nursery and Garden Assistant Workplace Integration Programme at the IES Brugulat Secondary School, with a joint project undertaken with the Olot School of Art, and the Bonsai Group at the Banyoles Ramblers Association are some of the groups who have taken part in recent years. 

Dates 2024: from 31st May to 2nd June
different emblematic locations in the town


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