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Historical heritage

Various activities and guided tours are organised through Museus de Banyoles (Darder Museum and Archaeological Museum) to discover the historic centre and other aspects of the town, nearby archaeological sites and the natural environment. This is the list:

In the Old Quarter:  

  • Medieval Banyoles. From the street to the bell tower
  • The #debanyoles game (children’s activity)
  • Sacrilegious burglary at the Monastery of Banyoles
  • Route of the Rec Major: a history and nature walk 

At the Darder Museum: 

  • Let’s discover the Darder Museum
  • We’re going to the Museum with Mr. Darder (dramatized visit)

At La Draga Neolithic Park: 

  • The Neolithic settlement of La Draga
  • Today we’ll pretend to be Neolithic people (children’s activity)

At the Roman Villa of Vilauba:

  • Vilauba in 3D: inside the Roman villa
  • Nuptialis (dramatized visit)


Click here to view the activities calendar.

They also offer visits by appointment for groups, schools and individuals.

For more information, contact:
Museus de Banyoles
Darder Museum
Tel.: (0034) 972 57 44 67

Archaeological Museum
Tel.: (0034) 972 57 23 61



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