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The límit

The Limit is one of the most distinctive features of the Rec Major. It is an unusual triangular-shaped structure placed on top of the canal, between the Lake and the building of Can Quim del Rec.

Its simplicity belies its ingeniousness: as it is built right on top of the canal, it acts as a barrier for the water and forces it to flow underneath, as if it was a funnel.

The base has a rectangular hole that allows the canal water to flow through it. The hole’s bottom and top define the minimum and maximum water flows. That is, they act as limits on the canal’s flow. This sets a maximum flow which cannot be changed, hence the name of “Limit”. With this control, no farmer can increase or decrease the flow in his personal side canal. 

Although the exact date when it was built is not known, it is described in a document dated 1832. As well as regulating the canal’s water flow, it was also used to prevent flooding. It is also a good indicator for the water level in the Lake, which varies during the year.


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