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Itinerari Llegendari

Banyoles is also a legendary town. It has a long track record in legends that it has enriched over the years with tales that have been passed down from grandparents to grandchildren.

With this itinerary, you will discover the town through the 16 most popular legends that form part of its oral tradition.

Each legend describes events in specific places that we hope will make you want to go there to see it for yourselves.

Description of the legends and their location:

Beside the Lake

  • En Morgat, Tourist Information Office
  • The sunken castle, Carrer de la Barca / Passeig Lluís Marià Vidal (old drinking trough)
  • The half orange, start of the Rec de la Figuera d’en Xo
  • Miracles of Sant Mer, Carrer Sant Mer
  • The dragon of Banyoles, La Draga Park

Puig de Sant Martirià

  • Swinging bells, Puig de Sant Martirià
  • The great drought, Puig de Sant Martirià

Old Quarter

  • The spring of the Spirits, Carrer Sant Martirià (Font de les Ànimes)
  • The abbot’s blindness, monastery of Sant Esteve
  • The farmer of Guialbes, monastery of Sant Esteve
  • A skirt full of bran, Plaça del Teatre (washing place)
  • The deceased guest, Carrer Església
  • The laid table, Carrer Escrivanies
  • The sorcerer of Finestres, Plaça Major (brazier of Can Bòlica)
  • The miller’s apprentice, Plaça Major (Cal Moliner)


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  • Approximate time required to complete the route: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Medium
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