Sports tourism
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Training stays

Many training stays are organised in Banyoles for professional sports practitioners. Groups of sportspeople, professional teams and national teams from different countries come to Banyoles to carry out a professional training activity. This requires providing accommodation, facilities and complementary services, which generate a significant flow of financial resources in the territory.

The Lake and the region’s topology provide ideal training conditions for several sports. Water-based sports such as rowing, canoeing, swimming and triathlon, but also others such as cycling, football, basketball or handball, or even figure skating or roller hockey. 

By coordinating accommodation, transfers and the possibility of using the town’s sports facilities, Banyoles is able to host world-class federations and clubs, such as different national federations or the Cambridge Boat Club’s rowing team, which come to our town year after year. 


Specific features of the most popular sports that you will find in our town:


The environment offers combined leisure and physical activity proposals that are ideal for discovering what makes our territory so special.

You can practise cycle tourism with a great diversity of routes with different levels of difficulty that will appeal to everyone, from circuits along unpaved tracks through the countryside surrounding the Lake, itineraries along country roads to enjoy road cycling or MTB routes to discover the area’s trails and scenery. 


Running as a sport has very strong roots in the region. The circuit of the Lake is one of the most popular routes, but there are others following different itineraries, and also organised races and walks that take in different municipalities of the Pla de l’Estany, whose goal is to encourage people to participate and practise sport and physical activity.


If you come to the water town, you can’t leave without experiencing what it’s like to swim in the Lake, which provides a spectacular backdrop to any swimming activity. 

The Lake provides an ideal environment for training; it is equipped with a 500-metre lane for training sessions, which can be accessed from the Club Natació Banyoles.


Banyoles is traditionally an ideal place for organising demanding sports trials such as triathlons, endowed with different locations that offer excellent conditions for practising each of the 3 activities that comprise this sport. This fact is well-known to this sport’s Catalan, Spanish and international federations, which organise events here year after year.


Banyoles is also a preferred location for rowing, canoeing and its federations. Rated by the International Rowing Federation as the best rowing course in the world, the Lake of Banyoles has a total length of 2,134 metres, which makes it ideal for practising these two sports. 


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