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Festa Major of Sant Martirià. October

The Festa Major of Banyoles is held every year on the weekend before the feast day of Sant Martirià, on 24 October. In the local calendar, the Feast of Sant Martirià is the town’s most important festivity, after the August Festivities and Carnival. The festivity has been celebrated at least since 1300. The acts of religious worship that take place on this date include the veneration of the relics and the ‘cant dels Goigs’ (religious poems composed especially for the occasion), which takes place at the church of the monastery of Sant Esteve after Mass on the Saturday of the festivity.

The Festa Major of Sant Martirià of Banyoles is structured around two main events: the traditional music (cobla) and dancing (sardana) competitions, and the open-air concerts, known as Les Barraques. This festivity model originated in Banyoles and is now being replicated in other locations.

A multitude of family and popular events and activities are also organised during the Festa Major, with the active participation of local associations and the local population, with popular culture as the overarching theme.

During the days devoted to celebrating the Festa Major, there is also a fairground at the industrial area of La Farga. 

FESTA MAJOR 2024: from 17 to 21 Octuber



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