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Fair of Sant Martirià. November

The Fair of Sant Martirià is a sum of tradition and modernity. The fair has a long tradition linked with livestock; its origins date back many centuries. A fair on similar lines was already existing in the 14th century.

Over the years, the Fair has evolved and adapted to new times and changing consumer needs and tastes. But it has stayed true to its roots and the distinctive features of its beginnings.

Horses, donkeys and the morphological competition have been part of the Fair year after year and they share space with horse exhibitions and shows, an exhibition of native Catalan breeds, a section devoted solely to the Catalan sheepdog, a craft market, and an almost endless choice of lectures, talks and exhibitions related with the world of horses and native breeds.

The Fair of Sant Martirià, or simply “The Fair” as most inhabitants of Banyoles call it, has become a role model for other fairs specialised in horses and native breeds in the rest of Catalonia and even in southern France.

Dates: 17, 18 and 19 november 2023
Place: La Draga Park

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