• Banyoles Film Office
    Banyoles Film Office
  • Banyoles Film Office
    Banyoles Film Office
  • Banyoles Film Office
    Banyoles Film Office
  • Banyoles Film Office
    Banyoles Film Office

Banyoles Film Office


The Environment Department of Banyoles Town Council has an extensive catalogue of locations in the municipality of Banyoles for providing knowledge and access to the areas of the city most likely to be of interest for film-making, reports or photographic sessions. The Environment Department acts as an intermediary between producers and / or companies that wish to film in the city and the municipal departments that manage the areas under Banyoles Town Council. It also provides access to the processing of documents to obtain permits, pay fees, etc.

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   Tel. 972 57 00 50

Catalogue of locations

In Banyoles you’ll find your ideal venue as a set for film or television thanks to the diversity of scenery, flora and fauna.

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Formalities for filming in Banyoles

You must submit a signed application to the Town Hall entry register which includes the following items:

  • Details of the applicant, whether a private individual or an organisation.
  • Details of the activity to be undertaken: date, proposed geographical area, times, approximate number of participants and what the shoot comprises (storyboard or description).
  • Specific needs of the shoot.
  • Civil Liability Policy.
  • Payment of the municipal rates in force.

And where appropriate, depending on the shoot:

  • Commitment of the applicant to cover the costs of the medical assistance services with appointment and acceptance of the interested party.
  • Commitment of the organisers to remove the structures and infrastructures immediately after the activity has been completed and promise to clean and restore the area.
  • Other specific documents that may be required depending on the characteristics of the shoot.


Banyoles Film Office is the attention, information and management service for audiovisual production requests. We will help you to find information on the city and its locations, as well as the formalities to be completed so that a film shoot or photo story can be produced in Banyoles.

Filmography and photo story references

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  • Reportatge fotogràfic Inditex
  • Anunci Mc Donald’s
  • Canal +
  • Carnet Jove
  • SEAT
  • Wolkswagen
  • Stradivarius
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