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1 day

Get to know l’Estany, the irrigation channels and the old town

With your 1-day visit to Banyoles you will be able to discover the main tourist spaces that the city offers you.

We propose a visit at your own pace but enjoying the essential visits and activities.

  • 10 hours approx

If your physical condition allows it, you cannot miss out on going around l’Estany. This tour can be done by foot or by bicycle, and it is a 7 kilometer walk, circular and without slopes.

Throughout this itinerary you will discover part of the history of Banyoles and the Pla de l'Estany region as you have never imagined. The picturesque fishing houses, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Porqueres, the small lakes, the travertine slabs in formation, the Neolithic Village of La Draga, the Desmais area, the viewpoints and much more await you.

Nor can you miss visiting the medieval center of the city during your visit to Banyoles.

Access the historic center by foot (only 10 minutes from l'Estany) or get closer with the Pinxo Train.

An imposing Plaça Major, surrounded by 40 arches, will welcome you to the historic center of the city. A historic center that runs through streets and squares, monuments and historic buildings, canals and mills.


We also advise you not to miss a visit to the Darder Museum. This museum is distributed in two different spaces. In one space we find the private collection of natural history of Francesc Darder Llimona, which represents what natural history museums were like in the 19th century. And in the other space, the hydrogeological functioning of the lake basin is explained: where the water comes from, how l'Estany was formed, the fauna and flora that live there, etc.

After this intense day but full of experiences and discoveries, what better than to take home a very sweet memory of your visit?

Banyoles is known for its pastry shops, which offer high quality products. You will find various typical sweets of our city such as the almond cake, the cansalades, the cargols or the xuixos. Strolling through the center you will also enjoy small, traditional shops, some of them centuries old, with close treatment and personalized service.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to Banyoles and, as you have seen, there is much to discover!

Additional information

To receive more information and personalized attention, we recommend you visit us at the Tourist Office on Darder street, pesquera no. 10 from Banyoles. Check our schedule here.

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Extend your stay by staying one night in one of the accommodations that you will find in Banyoles. Check the different accommodations here.

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