Introduction by Jaume Fàbrega:

In the highly refined culture of Japan, it has always been believed that cooking is one of the Fine Arts, alongside drawing, painting or the tea ceremony. The first time cooking was mentioned as an art in Europe was in Catalan writings of the 14th and 15th centuries (Pere Felip, presumed author of the Llibre de Sent Soví and Mestre Robert, author of the Llibre del coc). So Catalonia and Banyoles also have a lot of influence in this field, as they have provided world renowned figures in the food art such as Miralda, and locally, Lluís Vilà. So what could be more natural than combining art and gastronomy in a single statement?

Jaume Fàbrega

(Lecturer in Enogastronomy at the University School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the UAB and member of the AICA, International Association of Art Critics)

Gartstròmia” is a new word invented in Banyoles and has three meanings: ÒMIA
1- Name deriving from the combination of gastronomy and the arts.
2- 21st-century alternative trend where two genres such as gastronomy and the arts are merged.
3- Important event in Banyoles on ...

This event includes various areas such as:
- fair-market of local and regional food produce
- gastronomy marquee where courses, talks and workshops are held
- art marquee where courses, talks and workshops are held
- tour around various restaurants and bars in Banyoles where you can sample tapas created for this event

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