El Pla de l'Estany Gastronomy group

El Pla de l'Estany Gastronomy group

Under the catchphrase “The Pleasure of Natural Eating” Restaurants and Producers make up the “Pla de l'Estany Gastronomy Group”. The Gastronomic Society was founded in 2004 and is a non-profit association of professionals.

The activities that led to the creation of this culinary group were launched about five years ago, as a result of the need of some restaurateurs of El Pl de l’Estany to share ideas and suppliers and to join together to look for high-quality products that could enable them to improve their culinary range and that of the region. They were also driven by an interest in recovering produce and production methods of the past, in discovering new produce and techniques and in acquiring new knowhow and new ways of understanding cuisine.

The most important feature of this group is that the producers are artisans and have top-quality, natural products from the El Pla de l’Estany region, which are the essence of the Group. Another of the most outstanding characteristics of the El Pla de l’Estany Gastronomic Group is the great variety of restaurants that make it up. Some produce signature cuisine and market cooking, while others devote themselves to Catalan cuisine, home cooking, brasserie cooking, etc. Each one produces its own cuisine, the cuisine it knows best and with which it identifies the most. All the producers and restaurateurs are united by the dependability of the quality, their ideas and their products.

The Group’s products are “BOU NOVELL SANT MER”, male calf castrated at three months and slaughtered at between 10 and 14, descended from parents already fattened in the region and with highly controlled feeding, “BONXAI” flock lamb, ” MAS AURÓ EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL”, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, recovered legumes such as “FESOLS DE L’ULL ROS”, “BANYOLINS”, “ESPONELLÀ PUMPKIN”, “BIORICA”, ecological farming producer, “CRESPIANES”, top-quality walnuts produced at Crespià per AGRÍCOLA VERMELL, “CRESPIÀ HONEY”, by “TORTADA DE BANYOLES” and the “CORNELLÀ DEL TERRI GARLICS”.

Associated members:

Restaurant Can Roca
Address: C/ Carles Fortuny, 1
Population: 17844 Esponellà
Telephone: 972 59 70 12
Email: esthercanroca@gmail.com
Restaurant La Banyeta
Address: Ctra. Banyoles - Girona, km 11
Population: 17843 Palol de Revardit
Telephone: 972 594 193
Email: info@labanyeta.com
Web: www.labanyeta.com

Restaurant La Barretina
Address: Plaça Major, 28
Population: 17468 Orfes (Vilademuls)
Telephone: 972 56 02 80
Email: labarretinaorfes@yahoo.es

Restaurant La Cisterna
Address: Avinguda Països catalans, 36
Population: 17820 Banyoles
Telephone numbers: 972 58 13 56 / 609 65 27 26
Fax: 972 58 33 33
Email: jametller@mgs.es
Web: www.restaurant-lacisterna-banyoles.com

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