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Mar Pujol - (a)phònica

Ethereal and earthly at the same time, the singer-songwriter of Lluçanès Mar Pujol has made a name for herself among the references of emerging music in the Catalan territory. His songs express everyday life but also transcendental events, often through metaphor, which he conveys to us through songs that pierce the soul of those who listen.

In the process of creating her next album, the singer-songwriter will offer solo the songs from her first album, Trepa (self-released, 2022). A proposal that exudes simplicity, sensitivity and power in equal parts


For more information, consult the website of Festival de la Veu de Banyoles - (a)phònica: www.aphonica.banyoles.cat

  • Fundació Lluís Coromina - Espai Eat Art
  • 02/07/2023
  • 12:00 a.m.
  • Culture Concert
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