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Boom boom Fighters & Cookah - (a)phònica

Since 2021, Boom Boom Fighters & Cookah P has positioned itself as one of the most innovative proposals on the current Catalan music scene. His combination of roots reggae from the 80s with dance music from the 90s generates a music of unique essence, fresh and carefree.

After Family Things (La Cupula Music, 2021), this year the group has released its first studio album, Confit (Propaganda pel Fet, 2023) with a flock of new rhythms 100% house brand, festive character and vocalist Cookah P's already unmistakable style at the helm. The Juanola La Muralla stage will shake!


For more information, see the website of the Festival de la Veu de Banyoles - (a)phònica: www.aphonica.banyoles.cat

  • Muralla (stage Juanola La Muralla)
  • 11:50 p.m.
  • Culture Concert
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