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Rodrigo Cuevas - (a)phònica

Absolute premiere. First concert of the new tour

From the land of Piloña, Asturias, Rodrigo Cuevas projects himself towards the entire universe. After a long and successful tour with Trópico de Covadonga, the artist is preparing what will be his third studio album, produced by Eduardo Cabra, and created on both sides of the Atlantic. An album that will be accompanied by a new show that, in addition to being nourished by the songs of the new work, will have the story, the humor, the criticism, the irony, the staging, the costumes and the game that characterize this total artist.

An extrovert, hot, danceable, ambitious, joyful and, possibly, epic proposal that will premiere at (a)phònica, where this year it returns to offer the first concert of the new tour!


For more information and to purchase tickets, consult the website of the Festival de la Veu de Banyoles - (a)phònica: www.aphonica.banyoles.cat

The concert is on foot standing 

  • Club Natació Banyoles (stage Estrella Damm Club Natació Banyoles)
  • 30/06/2023
  • 10:00 p.m.
  • from €21
  • Culture Concert
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