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Local Festival of Sant Martirià

The local festival of Sant Martirià of Banyoles is structured around two main events: the traditional music (cobla) and dancing (sardana) competitions, and the open-air concerts, known as Les Barraques. This festivity model originated in Banyoles and is now being replicated in other locations.

A multitude of family and popular events and activities are also organised during the Festa Major, with the active participation of local associations and the local population, with popular culture as the overarching theme.

During the days devoted to celebrating the Festa Major, there is also a fairground at the industrial area of La Farga.  

Once again, on October 22, 23 and 24, the free Tren Pinxo service will be available to all citizens.  Check here for timetables and stops.

You can find more information about the Festa Major schedule on the website: www.festesbanyoles.cat


  • various spaces of the city
  • from 20 to 24 october
  • Family tourism
  • Família Local Festival
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